Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Duncan Down

Sunday Afternoon Walk

Last Sunday we went to Whitstable to have a look at another village green. This one is surrounded by housing and not that easy to find. It was land that was saved from development by a Village Green Application.

The following pictures show what can be achieved when the community work with their local Council (Canterbury) and the Kent Wildlife Trust. This site was awarded the Green Flag by Breathing Spaces.


Access is from a number entrances from the housing estate. On entering you are immediately into countryside. There are hedgerows, thicket, a meadow for wild flowers, trees and a number of ponds. There is considerable evidence of wildlife as well as space for people to enjoy walks. I must congratulate The Friends of Duncan Down, Canterbury City Council and Kent Wildlife Trust for creating this haven within a built up area. Despite being within a mixed area of housing there would appear to be no evidence of vandalism and it is no doubt used and appreciated by local people.
Visit the website below for information on this site and others.


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