Sunday, 18 April 2010

Green Exposed

At last signs of spring and summer as the beach huts are removed from their winter resting space. The green can now be seen from the car park on Westbrook Promenade.

Unfortunately this has exposed a mass of litter that has accumulated behind the huts and the car park is very untidy. TDC have been made aware.

This week there have been several birds using the green including rock pipits. Unfortunately there are several more but I could not ID them. If there are any birders please let us know what you see using the green and cliffs.


  1. i WILL COME DOWN AND HAVE a look and see if I can get my bird count up it stands at 41 species at the moment not as good as some but considering I havent been out yet this year not a bad number me thinks

  2. Thats good mine is only about 15. However seen some realy interesting ones on this site like snow buntings, rock pipits and someone reported a kestral nesting last year. There are a lot of holes in the cliffs where the caves were bricked up and there are reports of bats. This is an important site as a staging post for birds visiting. I hope we can save it.