Monday, 16 November 2009


This blog is set up to support WASPS (Westbrook Against Selling Promenade Site). As a result of Thanet District Council's Asset Disposal Policy they want to sell off a piece of land adjacent to Barnes Car Park on the Westbrook Promenade for development. Unfortunately in the consultation exercise it was described as land at Barnes Avenue so residents were unaware that this land was on the promenade. When they were informed where it was they wanted to object. Unfortunately their ward counsellors were not listening to their pleas so it was decided to apply to register this land as a Village Green. Support for this has been overwhelming and evidence from 144 people has been submitted to KCC .

The people of this locality are very fond of this piece of land and do not want it developed. It is used by so many people and has been for several years. It is a quiet natural place between two busy bays and has become haven for wildlife.
The application for Village Green is on the KCC register and is likely to actioned soon so watch this space for further updates coming soon.


  1. It seems to me that any free land about Thanet is being sold off for development. Unless a stand is made, sites like this will disappear under either concrete or be fenced off to exclude public access. This is a small area of land which has been allowed to return to it's 'natural' state. Surely it's not too much to ask in this current money-grabbing era. If it is allowed to go where does it stop?

  2. Thank you Nick for your comments but this council does seem hell bent on selling our silver. I assume its to pay for their recarpeting.